Hostys Connect, for many but not all – Par IFDM

The third edition of the international B2B networking event is already revving up and 180 is the key number this year.

From 25 to 27 November, in the unique setting of Penha Longa (a Ritz Carlton Resort) in Sintra, Portugal (a few km from Lisbon), 180 operators from the contract sector will exchange ideas and above all opportunities regarding present and future projects.

Hostys Connect has focused on quality: a word that is abused and overused but which if properly respected creates serious problems for even the most expert of organisations and leads to a form of natural selection.

L’arch. Piero Manara during a sessione incont
L’arch. Piero Manara during a sessione incont

Quality B2B networking means satisfying supply and demand, correctly modulating the products of suppliers and their expertise in the project sphere by bringing them into contact with a group of buyers of the same level. In recent years the contract sector has been enriched with dozens of projects connected with the luxury residential world, a sector that actively engages not only designers, but also property owners, developers, outside investors and a significant number of consultants – often from the finance sector – who play a key role in development and therefore investment strategies.

Richard Garvey, Lutz Strangemann and Matteo Bernocchi- investments, properties and buyers in comparison

And in this context the difference between ability and expertise makes the difference. Hostys Connect guarantees high-end attendees also from this delicate sector.

Over the years, the (sometimes obvious) repetitiveness of hospitality projects has raised the bar in terms of demand: the world of suppliers is able to successfully meet this challenge if it is precise and quick, reliable and honest. Buyers must also be chosen carefully. But it is natural that those selling must have something more to offer than those who buy.

Panel on investments, finance and development in the contract sector

Since the first edition, Hostys Connect has managed to find a balance, saying no to companies not up to the task and carefully choosing which buyers to invite.

Hostys Connect proposes a mix of brands and small businesses with important specialisations that are equipped to fulfil the demands of the design world.

Jenny Bachelot and Yumna Chabrol, Hostys Connect organizers

The projects presented at Hostys Connect by buyers are global in scope with 70% coming from Europe (where London is still a key hub) and the remaining 30% from the rest of the world (US, Asia and Middle East). The range of buyers is varied and balanced: architects, interior designers, experts in procurement, hotel chains and private hotels.

At Hostys Connect each participant is guaranteed 18 business meetings over 72 hours, which are supplemented by breakfasts, lunches, dinners and social occasions, in order to enable buyers and companies to acquaint themselves with each other and to take their time discussing projects in detail and building up a rapport.

IFDM Book Contract & Hospitality has been media partner of Hostys Connect since the first edition with every participant personally handed a copy of the latest issue.