Spotlight on Hostys Connect’s talents

M/Y Sunrise designed by Hot Lab

Meet & Hotel Maritim Paradise Blue & Spa

We are taking you today to Albena Hotel Maritim Paradise Blue and Spa to discover a projet ran by BORELLA ART DESIGN working hand in hand with skilled artisans all part of the community of our event Hostys Connect.

Meet & Play – Trésor Caché

Follow us and discover today “Tresor Caché” a hidden gem , a luxury mansion created by COGEMAD, with talented Hostys Connect participants.

Meet & Play – Intercontinental Lyon Hôtel Dieu

The Intercontinental Lyon – Hôtel Dieu is the theater of several collaborations of loyal participants of Hostys Connect. It is the largest private operation to reconvert a historic monument ever carried out in France.

Meet & Play – Hoxton Paris

For a fresh start in 2021, what better than introducing a new collaboration between participants of Hostys Connect. “Meet and play” with us with this exciting project The Hoxton in Paris. – Video conceived by Melodie Braka.

Meet & Play – Mansion Villeroy

The first of a beautiful “Meet & Play” series, we are pleased to present the engraved glass atrium of the Hôtel Villeroy, an achievement stemming from encounters on Hostys Connect.
A project completed by Wainbridge , Carte Blanche Design , Grav’or and Fonderie d’Art Macheret – Video designed by Melodie Braka.

Insight on the Spanish hospitality market

Talk Hostys – 12 apr. 2021

Predictions about hospitality and real estate market after the pandemic

Published at 07/04/2021 on

Elodie Casola, from Arum Group, participated in a Hostys Connect webinar with international experts, consultants and investors summarizing the forecasts for the tourism sector in Spain, and shedding light on the new real estate offer that will emerge from the hotel sector crisis… Read more

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